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postheadericon Madaboutslots Player Hits it Big with Progressive Slot

Only a matter of days after Madaboutslots added the exclusive new TriceraSlots game to their selection, one of the players has hit the jackpot on their progressive slot, Sweet Treats.  The player, from Wisbech, in Cambridgeshire, made the winning spin with a minimum bet of 10p, proving that you really can win the progressive jackpot for any size of spin.  As reported here, the prize which the player won was £43,334, so there is little surprise they have chosen to keep it quiet!


The Sweet Treats slot is designed with five reels and pays out on 25 pay lines.  Players can bet anything from 10p to £1 on a single spin and can win between 2 and 500 times the stake, unless you get the progressive jackpot, of course.  The game has a very playful and childish aesthetic, with various sweet snacks dotted around the reels.  You’ll see lollipops, candy canes, cakes and muffins and you’ll be awarded with free spins if you manage to get three Massive Cake symbols on the reels.  We all love a freebie now and then!


If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you will definitely enjoy this game.  If you want to experience the sweetness for yourself, head on down to and see if you can grab one of the next progressive jackpots on their UK mobile slots!The progressive jackpot for Knight Quest is currently riding at over £28,000, could you be the next lucky winner?

postheadericon The ‘Capital City’ of Gambling in Asia

If you thought Las Vegas was the global leader for gambling, think again. Unbelievably the world’s gambling hotspot is not in the shining desert of Nevada, but in a former Portuguese colony across the Pearl River Delta in China. An Asian sin city called Macau. Though it does not yet have the all flash and splash of Vegas, Macau has recently usurped Las Vegas as the most lucrative place to gamble. Several gambling companies in Asia such as M88 have grown quickly off the back of mobile data capabilities.

Recent History of Macau

Until 1999, this small portion of land was owned by the Portuguese and when Hong Kong was returned to china by England, Portugal returned this piece of land. Macau is unique in that it is enjoys more autonomy than the rest of China, but is governed by that countries foreign affairs and defense departments. Macau has its own police force, legal system, police force, and monetary system, which made it the ideal location for China’s largest and most extravagant casinos. Soon after being released by Portugal, Macau was transformed into a gambling mecca and by 2006 had surpassed Las Vegas as the largest gambling center of the world.

Casinos of Macau

At last count, Macau had 33 fully operating casinos, though not all of them are as large and grand as the main ones. If you are planning a gambling holiday to Macau, you want to be sure not to miss the big three gambling hotspots. The first stop for any gambling tourist is the casino that got the whole thing started, The Grand Lisboa. The tallest building in Macau, and in fact, one of the tallest 25 buildings in the world, this lavish casino is a site to behold, especially when lit up at night. Number two on the list is the largest casino in Macau, the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, which is rumoured to have the biggest gambling floor in the world with over 50 000 square meters feet of casino. Thirdly, you do not want to miss the Galaxy, a truly Asian casino experience with an overall eastern theme in the casino, hotels and restaurants alongside an M88 gambling portal.


Though a well-known gambling center, Macau is trying to upgrade its image to attract the non-gambling tourist as well. With its lovely climate, and luxury hotels, the only thing missing was top-notch entertainment. The city has recently hosted the Rolling Stones and has brought in David Beckham as a spokesperson. Macau has also recently opened a Giant Panda pavilion and a Michael Jackson gallery.

If gambling appeals to you and you love the idea of traveling to exotic locales, then be sure to check out this fantastic city. It is an experience of a lifetime and is sure to leave you with incredible memories and stories.